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New Website – and acknowledging the work of Phil Taylor-Bowd

From 1 June anyone logging into this website will be diverted to the new one at www.dorsetchess.co.uk

The new website has been up and running for nearly 3 months. The change has been necessary as our esteemed Webmaster, Phil Taylor-Bowd, relocated to live and work in Germany.

On behalf of all Dorset chess players we would like to sincerely thank Phil for creating this website, a considerable technical challenge, and then running it so successfully for over 10 years. It has been a source of information to thousands of visitors each year. Over 34,000 in the last 4 years alone. How did we manage before without websites?!

Not surprisingly, Phil was soon involved in designing a website for his new chess club in Germany. Again, we want to acknowledge everything he has done to encourage and develop chess in Dorset.

Mike Jay

27 May 2016

Keith Gregory is convincing Rapidplay winner

Keith Gregory (Fareham), pictured below, won the Dorset Rapidplay at Ringwood on Sunday, 13 March 2016. His final score was 5.5/6. Unfortunately for Keith, he will not be cup holder as the champion must play in the Dorset leagues. So the trophy goes to joint runners-up Osca Garcia (Poole) and Kevin Goater (Dorchester). There is more detailed information, including some photos on the Rapidplay website: http://dorsetrapidplay.weebly.com

Dorset Rapidplay

Dorset Rapidplay

Kevin Goater ( Dorchester) left and Osca Garcia (Poole) joint runners-up

17th September 2015 – Two Towns Match – Bournemouth v Poole

The annual Two Towns Match between Bournemouth and Poole was held at the Poole Chess Club on Thursday 17th September with the match won narrowly by Bournemouth by 12.5 -10.5.  Individual results (Bournemouth players first) as follows:

Bournemouth Poole
No Name Grade Score Name Grade
1 Martin Simons (S) 190 1-0 Oscar Garcia (P) 179
2 Bruce Jenks (S) 189 0-1 Martin Clancy ® 174
3 Russ Pegg (S) 179 1/2-1/2 Ciprian Stanciu (P) 162
4 Greg Sawicki 162 1-0 David Fuller (P) 163
5 Michael Litchfield (S) 141 1/2-1/2 Toby Miller (P) 156
6 Ivan Willis (B) 141 0-1 John Beasant 138
7 John Oldfield 136 1/2-1/2 Phillip Sorenson (P) 137
8 Richard Ursall 133 1/2-1/2 Pete Donaldson ® 137
9 Paul Jackson (B) 131 1-0 Simon Paterson 133
10 Steve Disney 130 0-1 Rob Davenport ® 137
11 Robert Halse (H) 129 0-1 Tarik Reghif (P) 125
12 Paul Errington (B) 126 1-0 Michael Rutter (P) 123
13 John Harris (S) 122 1-0 Tony Buckfield 121
14 Ron Salinger (H) 114 1-0 Judita Kus 120
15 Chris Lane (S) 111 1/2-1/2 Danni De Vique 115
16 Mike Davison 102 1-0 Simon Fox 110
17 Jim Newman 100 1/2-1/2 David Lewis 108
18 Nigel Purry (S) 98 0-1 John Turnbull (W) 104
19 Daniel Sturney 102 0-1 Ken Parkin 84
20 Adam Ursell (H) 40 1/2-/12 Michael Chadwick (P) 66
21 Greg Webb 88 1-0 Corey Fox (under 9) 80
22 Brian Langley ung 0-1 Josh Brown (P) 65
23 Derek Chapman 80 1-0 Paul Trowbridge 58
OVERALL SCORE   12.5 – 10.5

Two Towns Match – Bournemouth v Poole

The annual Two Towns Match between Bournemouth and Poole was held at the Poole Chess Club on Thursday 11th September with the match won narrowly by Bournemouth by 13.5 -12.5.  Individual results (Bournemouth players first) as follows:
1 Bruce Jenks         195     1 – 0     Ian Clark               180
2 Martin Simons      190     1 – 0     Ciprian Stenciu     173
3 Andrew Grzybicki 176     0 – 1     Peter Wilcock       152
4 Russ Pegg           170     1 – 0     Toby Miller             148
5 Graham White      170     1 – 0     Pete Donaldson   143
6 Michael Litchfield   140  0.5 – 0.5 John Bowley         141
7 Steve Disney         140  0.5 – 0.5 Colin Wilson         133
8 Ivan Willis              138      1 – 0     Simon Patterson 129
9 Richard Ursell       136    0.5 – 0.5 Tony Buckfield      125
10 Rob Davenport    131       1 – 0    Tarik Reghif          122
11 Mike Jay               122       0 – 1    Mike Rutter           119
12 John Harris          116       1 – 0    John George         116
13 John Oldfield       120       1 – 0     David Lewis         115
14 Chris Lane           112       1 – 0     Doug King             84
15 Ron Salinger        112       0 – 1     Keith Spooner     113
16 John Beasant       109       1 – 0     Andrew Mills         91
17 John Jenkins        103        0 – 1    Andrew Johnson   88
18 Brian Langley         52        0 – 1    Stephen Bailey      65
19 Darren Sturmey     99        0 – 1    Greg Webb            86
20 Mike Tew                85        1 – 0     Mike Chadwick      74
21 Rachel Richardson 81    0.5 – 0.5  Derek Chapman   80
22 Nigel Purry              97        0 – 1     Ken Parkin            86
23 Mike Thomas          35      0.5 – 0.5 Dave Lockwood    86
24 Paul Trowbridge     63          0 – 1    Chris Ambrose    114
25 George Foote         ung        0 – 1     Josh Brown          47
26 Paul Waldon           49          0 – 1     Will Moore           ung

22nd Dorset Closed Congress

Martin Simons (Southbourne) who won the Championship outright, after a tie for 1st place

Martin Simons (Southbourne) who won the Championship outright, after a tie for 1st place

The Dorset Closed took place 30 Jan – 1 Feb ’15 in Bournemouth. It was one of the closest Dorset congresses ever, with more than half the players having a chance to win a prize at the start of the 5th and final round. In the end, Martin Simons (Southbourne) and Ian Clark (Wimborne) tied in the Championship with 3.5/5, but Martin was champion on the progressive scores rule.

The Major was equally close and ended as a tie between 4 players – Colin Grant (Purbeck), Roger Knight (Bridport), Chris Leeson (Weymouth) and Andy Heard (Beckenham) all on 3.5/5. Colin Grant was champion though, again on the progressive scores rule.

The last game to finish in the whole congress was an epic contest between Keith Spooner (Purbeck) and Cornelius Cornes (Wimborne). Had Keith won he would have shared 1st place, but Cornelius was the eventual winner in a fluctuating game and he won the Minor outright with 4/5. John George (Wimborne) was 2nd with 3.5/5 – a good enough score to have shared 1st place in both the Championship and Major.

Cornelius also won the Seniors Trophy.

The weekend congress maintained its reputation for being competitive, but also very friendly. The Elstead Hotel was again a perfect venue. The competition was expertly controlled by Graham White of the Southbourne club.

More information is on the congress website: http://dorsetclosed.weebly.com

Mike Jay

19th Dorset Rapidplay – 30 March 2014

46 players took part in the Dorset Rapidplay held for the first time at Ringwood on Sunday 30 March.  A feature of the competition was the unusually high number of prizes – 29.  The aim was to add interest and opportunity for players of all grades.

The Dorset Rapidplay Trophy was won on a tie between 3 players, all scoring 5/6 – Chris Bellers (Wimborne), Bruce Jenks (Southbourne) and Allan Pleasants (Weymouth).

There is more information on the Rapidplay website, including advance notice of the 20th Dorset Rapidplay next year


From the left – Allan Pleasants, Chris Bellers, Bruce Jenks

Dorset League Div 1 – annotated game

Andrej Furjel has kindly provided this comprehensively annotated game which proved decisive in Weymouth A’s victory at Wimborne A on Jan 6th.

Contributions to the website are always welcome!

Dorset League Fixtures 2013-14

are now online here.

B&DCL Fixtures 2013-14

are now online here.

Captains’ Notes have also been updated here, please pay particular attention to important changes to notes 5 & 9.

The league rules have been updated here, note the change to rule 10 in section B.

Two Towns Match

An impressive 52 players turned up to celebrate the start of another new season with this traditional friendly match held at Poole. The match was played in the usual good spirits with Poole regaining the trophy from Bournemouth with a 14½ – 11½ win.

Team Trophy Winners for the BDCL 2012 – 13


1st to 3rd (tied on tiebreak) Southbourne B, Wimborne A and Wimborne B.

All of the above scored 12 match points and 21.5 game points. The trophy is shared.


1st Poole A – 21 match points. 2nd Wimborne C – 18 match points


1st Southbourne D – 17 match points. 2nd Bournemouth A – 16 match points


1st Ringwood C – 20 match points. 2nd Bournemouth B – 19 match points.

Brien Urry Cup and Boardman Trophy Winners 2012 – 13

The below were the top scoring participants in the BDCL 2012-13.

Division 1  Brien Urry Cup 

Winner:  Oliver Gill 7/10 (on tie-break)

Runner Up: Chris Bellers 7/10

Division 2  Boardman Trophy  

Winner: Peter Wilcock  9/12

Runner Up: Stephen Pollyn 7.5/11

Division 3  Boardman Trophy 

Winner: John Harris  9.5/11

Runner Up: Simon Patterson 8/12

Division 4  Boardman Trophy

Winner: Nigel Purry   8/12

Runner Up:  Vincent Platt 7/8

Congratulations to all of the above for the excellent scores!

Graham White (League Controller 2012-13)

B&DCL Team Handicap Knockout Cup – 2013

There will be a new club name on this year’s B&DCL Team Handicap Knockout Cup!

Well done to Ringwood and Bridport chess clubs for their semi-final wins against Highcliffe and Wimborne South respectively.

The semi-final results were (with average nominated grades in brackets):

Wimborne South (148)  2½ – 3½  Bridport (144) .
Ringwood (121)               4 – 2    Highcliffe (112)

Ringwood needed to win 4 – 2 as it incurred a small grade handicap penalty.

The winning teams are in bold.   It was good to see that the handicap system worked again in providing two exciting and close matches.

So the FINAL is between Bridport (144) and Ringwood (121).

The required result, subject to any penalties, is Bridport needs to win by 4½- 1½ and Ringwood can afford to lose 4-2 to win the Cup!

Jersey Chess Tournament 6th to 10th March

Ian Clark has written an entertaining report on the recent Jersey International tournament, see the Wimborne News page.

B&DCL Team Handicap Knockout Cup – 2013

The 1st round results are (with average nominated grades in brackets):

Bridport (144)       4½ - 1½ Dorchester (140)
Weymouth (145)       3  -  3 Wimborne South (148) - Wimborne South won on the tie break rules
Highcliffe (112)     2  -  4 Southbourne (145) - Highcliffe won as Southbourne had to win 5-1
Wimborne North (143) 3½ - 2½ Ringwood (121) - Ringwood won as Wimborne North had to win 4½-1½

The winning teams are in bold. It was good to see that the handicap system is helping teams with a lower average nominated grade and proving a great leveller and ensuring all matches are exciting and close.

The semi-final draw is:

Wimborne South (148) v Bridport (144) – Required score 3-3. If the match is drawn, then tie break rules apply.
Ringwood (121) v Highcliffe (112) – Required score, Ringwood is required to win 3½- 2½.

East Devon Congress 1st to 3rd Feb 2013

Dorset players attended this fun event and acquited themselves very well indeed. J Nielsen was joint winner of the Major section and Paul Brackner got the grading price. Wimborne won the team price thanks to another strong performance by David Cornes. Paul Errington got joint second place in the Minor section after playing in the Major level first half of year. Other players who did well, David Burt in the Minor, David Rapkin in the Major also nice to see Mike Kay and John Kelly.

Dorset Closed Chess Championship 2013

The Dorset Closed took part at the Carrington House Hotel on Feb 1st to 3rd. Everybody was very pleased with the room and facilities at the hotel.

40 players entered with 14 in Championship and Minor and 12 in Major.

The Championship was probably the strongest ever as was very closely fought as were all the sections.

The winner of championship on tie break was David Onley of Wimborne club with 3.5. Also on 3.5 were Martin Simons, Allan Pleasants and Bruce Jenks.

The winner of Major ( and also the BIH Senior Trophy ) was David Cornes also on tie break with 3.5 from Steve Pollyn.

The winner of Minor on tie break was Paul Jackson with 3.5 over J. Bellinger, Dave Burt and Sid Jones.

There were multiple ties in each section resulting in 21 prizes.

Thanks goes to Graham White for controlling the event.

Ian Clark

B&DCL Team Handicap Knockout Cup – 2013

8 teams have entered the 2013 competition.

The 1st round draw has been regionalised to keep travelling in the winter months to a minimum.

The draw is:

Bridport v Dorchester
Weymouth v Wimborne South
Highcliffe v Southbourne
Wimborne North v Ringwood

Matches to be completed by Friday 1st March 2013.

18th Dorset Rapidplay Championships – Sunday 11th November 2012

There was an excellent turnout for the 18th Dorset Rapidplay Championships held at Tuckton Social Club on Sunday 11th November.  39 players took part and 25 players won prizes!  Kenny Harman (Ringwood) is to be congratulated for achieving a score of 5.5 out of  6 and becoming the Dorset Rapidplay Champion.  He also won the Veteran’s trophy.  Closely behind him in equal 2nd place were Ian Clark (Wimborne) and Graham White (Southbourne) both scoring 5.   For prize winners click on attachment below.

Dorset Rapidplay 2012

Wessex return to Division 2 of the 4NCL

After promotion from Division 3 last year the Wessex 4NCL team, which features several strong local players played its first two matches in Div 2 of the 4NCL at the weekend. The first match looked tough on paper with the Wessex team outrated by an average of 100 FIDE rating points per board by their Anglian Avengers opponents. I was outplayed by Paul Talsma, but wins by Bruce Jenks and Gavin Lock made up for it. Martin Simons played board 3 against a very strong junior and drew a very tactical game where I don’t think it was at all clear who was winning! Keith Gregory was +5 according to the computer, but a few inaccuracies saw the advantage disappear. The match ended just under 7 hours later and in a controversy when Roger de Coverly successfully convinced the Arbiters that his game was drawn and that his opponent was simply trying to win on time.

The match on Sunday was against Spirit of Atticus who again outrated us. Mike Yeo draw on board 1, after his opponent missed the winning line. Bruce Jenks and I won on boards 4 and 5 for us to win the match 5-3. I think the rest of the boards where held fairly comfortably.

Perhaps the star performance was by Bruce Jenks who won both his games. In each case his opponent tried too hard to win and only succeeded in losing. Great credit to Mike Yeo as well for his two draws on top board. All players played well including the newest addition to the squad – Vaness Reid from Australia who also drew both games. The two won matches put us top of the league, but it is only the start of the season.

Play Chess on Tuesday afternoons in Christchurch

From Tuesday 2nd October you will be able to drop in to


71 High Street, Christchurch, BH23 1AS, Tuesday afternoons 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm

All ages and skill levels are welcome, even if you want to learn to play chess.  Just turn up!

Chess is FREE over a drink or a bite to eat in Arcado’s relaxed, comfortable environment

Further information
Email:   [email protected]        Phone:   John on 01202 427523

Two Towns Match

An impressive 56 players turned up to celebrate the start of another new season with this traditional friendly match held at Poole. As usual, some of the players were clearly struggling to shake off the summer’s accumulated rust, but an enjoyable night and a great appetiser for the league matches which begin in less than 2 weeks. Bournemouth retained the trophy with a comfortable 15-12 victory.

Update: John Jenkins has sent this “amusing miniature” from the match, although I don’t know if Norman saw the funny side!

Ray Keene Simul games & photos

Photos from the event can be found here. Below are the 5 games where the challengers avoided defeat, all annotations and analysis by the players themselves.

Ray Keene Simultaneous

Report on “ Mind Your Head” Simultaneous by Raymond Keene on 12.8.12.

The event was held in the Library at Kingston Maurward College

There were 20 players of varying abilities playing Ray Keene. All players enjoyed the event and there were some exciting games.

The only player to beat Ray Keene was Allan Pleasants ( who has a good habit of beating GM’s! ) where he sacrificed material for a winning attack.

The 4 Wimborne players all drew with most having reasonable chances of winning at some stage. Phil Taylor-Bowd was first to finish taking a repetition of moves but missing the vital winning move in a very double edged position.

I had probably the most solid ( boring ! ) game playing the Benko Gambit but RK played a more closed system which kept it quiet. He missed the winning of a pawn near the end before a draw was agreed.

John Bowley had an exciting game sacrificing piece for 2 pawns and I am sure he was winning at some stage but eventually was a repetition and he agreed a draw.

Chris Bellers had an exciting game and seemed to winning on the queen side but RK managed to find a drawing plan.

The last game to finish was Julian May who was trying to hold an endgame a pawn down and playing RK on his own proved a bit too difficult!

The end result was 15 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss for RK.

RK was very helpful after all games had finished by chatting about games and various experiences he has had over the chess board. Allan Pleasants was presented with a board made by HMP Verne inmates and the players who drew received a book signed by RK.

Thanks must go to Malcolm Steevens for arranging the event together with Ken & Rosie Barfoot from the Pheonix Legacy. Also to Phil Taylor-Bowd for help on the day and to Martin Simons who also turned up to help on our stand.

Grading lists

Grading lists have been updated with the new July 2012 ECF grades. They have now been updated with the August 27th revision, note that a few players’ grades have changed as a result. Details will be further refined with respect to 2012/13 club registrations etc. in due course.

The lists now have an additional column to show ECF membership number. This doesn’t automatically update in real time, but I will refresh the data from the ECF list frequently. Any data quality issues, please let me know.

ECF online membership

It is now possible to become an ECF member (or renew your existing membership) online. See details at the top of the ECF homepage.

Old news

Date Event
2nd June 2012 2011/12 B&DCL Trophy Winners
Click here for details.
May 2012 Dorset Chess website
The website has undergone the first phase of what is hoped to be seen as a significant enhancement. If you encounter any problems or have suggestions for further improvements, please let the webmaster know!
27th-29th January 2012 19th Dorset Closed
Click here here for prize winners
30th October 2011 17th Dorset Rapidplay Championships
There was a record turnout for the 17th Dorset Rapidplay Championships held at Tuckton Social Club on Sunday 30th October. 46 players took part beating the previous best entry of 42. Len Laker (Southbourne) is to be congratulated for achieving the maximum score of 6 out of 6 and becoming the Dorset Rapidplay Champion. He had an excellent 220 grading performance beating 4 of the top 8 seeded players including an exciting last round win with the black pieces against last year’s champion Bruce Jenks.
Ken Harman (Ringwood) won the veteran’s trophy and second place with a score of 5 out of 6. Grading prizes were also awarded in 7 other sections.
Click here for prize winners.
14th-16th October 2011 46th Dorset Open Congress
Open winner – Martin Simons 4/5.
Click here to see report, photos and games.
13th September 2011 Two Towns Match
56 players took part in the traditional fixture to open the chess season between Bournemouth and Poole. It was an exciting evening of chess and a closely fought match. There was fighting chess all the way with only 4 drawn matches out of the 28 games. The overall result swung one way then the other and with 5 individual games remaining the match was nicely poised at 11.5-11.5. Bournemouth finally secured the match with the last game to finish when Southbourne’s experienced veteran, Terry Walsh, finally defeated David Lockwood in an exciting time scramble. Click here for detailed results.
12th August 2011 Mind Your Head Challenge (16th Dorset Team Rapidplay)
Click here for results.
29th June 2011 2010/11 B&DCL Trophy Winners
Click here for details.
14th June 2011 ECF Player of the Year 2011
Click here to see results of the voting for ECF Player Of The Year, including votes for B&DCL players Bruce Jenks and Allan Pleasants!
30th May 2011 2011 Team Handicap KO
Click here for results.
30th January 2011 18th Dorset Closed
Click here for the prize winners.
31st October 2010 16th Dorset Rapidplay Championship
Click here for the prize winners.
8th – 10th October 2010 Bournemouth Bicentenary Chess Congress
Click here for the prize winners.
Click here for photo.
13th June 2010 2009/10 B&DCL Trophy Winners
Click here for details.
28th May 2010 15th Dorset Team Rapidplay Championships
Click here for results.
5th February 2010 17th Dorset Closed
Click here for the prize winners.
16th November 2009 Letter of thanks to B&DCL players
Click here for a letter of thanks from John Jenkins to the players at the Two Towns match from whom he raised £50 in sponsorship on behalf of the Royal National Institute of Blind People.
8th November 2009 15th Dorset Rapidplay Championship
1st – W Braun (Southbourne) 5/6
2nd= I Clark (Wimborne), B Jenks (Lymington), K Harman (Ringwood) 4½/6
Grading Prizes:
Under 160 – A Heard (Beckenham & Bromley), P Wood (Poole), C Munro (Highcliffe) 3/6
Under 145 – R Davenport (Ringwood) 3/6
Under 125 – N Woodger (Ringwood) 3/6
Under 110 – C Best (Southbourne) 2½/6
16 of the 23 players won prizes (mainly due to 2 teams of 4 sharing the team prize!).
22nd May 2009 2008/9 B&DCL Trophy Winners
Click here for details.
22nd May 2009 2008/9 B&DCL Handicap Rapidplay Tournament 2009
Click here for results.
22nd May 2009 2008/9 B&DCL Team Knockout
Click here for complete results.
30th Jan – 1st Feb 2009 16th Dorset Closed
Click here for prize winners.
20th October 2007 County Match – Dorset v Devon
Click here for the details.
4th February 2007 14th Dorset Closed
Click here here for prize winners
20th January 2007 County Match – Dorset v Hampshire
Click here for the details.
2nd December 2006 County Match – Dorset v Somerset
Click here for the details.
11th November 2006 8th Ferndown Junior Tournament
51 players from 19 schools participated.
Click here for details.
22nd October 2006 12th Dorset Rapidplay Championship
Winner: W.Braun 5.5/6, runners-up: I.Clark, A.Dommett, B.Hirsch, B.Jenks, M.Lewis and P.Spiller * all 4.5 * Under 160 grading prize.
14th October 2006 County Match – Devon v Dorset
Click here for the details.
24th September 2006 WECU Jamboree
Click here for match results.
19th September 2006 Two Towns Match
Result Bournemouth 12.5 Poole 16.5 – reversing last year’s outcome.
19th February 2006 B&DCL Handicap Knockout Cup 2005/06
Results were: Semi-Finals
Wimborne 2.5 v 3.5 Southbourne (as required by handicapping)
Dorchester 4 v 2 Weymouth (where as only 2.5-3.5 score reqd.)
Final: Southbourne 3.5 v 2.5 Dorchester (where as only 4-2 score reqd.)
11th February 2006 County Match – Dorset v Devon
Click here for the results.
5th February 2006 13th Dorset Closed
Click here for the prize winners. Click here for the crosstables.
28th January 2006 County Match – Hampshire v Dorset
Click here for the results.
7th January 2006 County Match – Somerset v Dorset
Click here for the results.
12th November 2005 7th Ferndown Junior Tournament
65 players from 15+ schools participated.
7th-9th October 2005 41st Dorset Congress Open winner – A.Corkett 4.5, ahead of M.Yeo 4.
19th September 2005 Two Towns Match – Bournemouth v Poole match – result 17 – 13 to Bournemouth.